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Cellar Club Membership Details

We would like to start by saying thank you and welcome to the club!  Below you will find all the information you will need about how the club operates and what membership means for you.

Membership / Shipment Basics

Ancient Cellars offers 4 membership options so that you can pick the option best suited for you.  We ship twice a year (March and November) and your shipment will include the wines from the membership option you chose, plus, any other promotional information meant for club members.

The credit card provided to us (Ancient Cellars) by you will be charged within the same week that the shipment is to leave our facility.  The amount charged to your credit card will be the full amount of wines (at club pricing) + the cost of shipping.  A pick-up option for local residents is available.

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Member Responsibilities

By signing up for the Ancient Cellars wine club you are agreeing to be charged (to the credit card provided) and receive at least one shipment (or pick-up one order for those who chose this option).  After this first shipment you may cancel your membership at any time; contact information is provided below.  We will continue to send out shipments/orders, twice a year, until we receive a cancellation notice.

If you chose the pick-up option you have 3 weeks from date of the “order ready notification” to pick up your order.  Orders can be picked up at the 12th and Maple facility in Dundee, Oregon.  If your order is not picked up within 3 weeks it will be shipped to the shipping address provided (and your credit card will be charged with the cost of shipping).

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Your Membership Includes...

  • Two shipments per year  at club pricing
  • Club pricing on all future purchases
  • Access to our upcoming limited releases
  • Special promotions and offers from Ancient Cellars
  • Free tastings at all of our events

Which club option did you choose?  Make sure to mark it below for your records.

  • One of Everything Club (4 btls per/order)
  • One of Everything PLUS Club (6 btls per/order, 2 btls of same vintage of your choice)
  • Red Lovers Club (3 btls per/order)
  • Red Lovers PLUS Club (6 btls per/order, 3 btls of same vintage of your choice)

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Contact Information

1242 SE Maple Street, Dundee, OR 97115

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